Meeting Infinity (The Infinity Project) (English Edition) di John Barnes

Meeting Infinity (The Infinity Project) (English Edition)

Titolo del libri: Meeting Infinity (The Infinity Project) (English Edition)

Editore: Solaris

Autore: John Barnes

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John Barnes con Meeting Infinity (The Infinity Project) (English Edition)


The world is rapidly changing. We surf future-shock every day, as the progress of technology races ever on. Increasingly we are asking: how do we change to live in the world to come?
Whether it’s climate change, inundated coastlines and drowned cities; the cramped confines of a tin can hurtling through space to the outer reaches of our Solar System; or the rush of being uploaded into cyberspace, our minds and bodies are going to have to drastically alter.
Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan brings us another incredible volume in his much praised science-fiction anthology series, featuring stories by Madeline Ashby, John Barnes, James S.A. Corey, Gregory Benford, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Simon Ings, Kameron Hurley, Nancy Kress, Gwyneth Jones, Yoon Ha Lee, Bruce Sterling, Sean Williams, Aliette de Bodard, Ramez Naam, An Owomoyela and Ian McDonald.

“One of the year’s most exciting anthologies.”
io9 on Edge of Infinity.

“[The Infinity series] has gone from strength to strength.”

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