The Celts (English Edition) di Alice Roberts

The Celts (English Edition)

Titolo del libri: The Celts (English Edition)

Editore: Heron Books

Autore: Alice Roberts

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Alice Roberts con The Celts (English Edition)

'Informed, impeccably researched and written' Neil Oliver

The Celts are one of the world's most mysterious ancient people. In this compelling account, Alice Roberts takes us on a journey across Europe, uncovering the truth about this engimatic tribe: their origins, their treasure and their enduring legacy today. What emerges is not a wild people, but a highly sophisticated tribal culture that influenced the ancient world - and even Rome.

It is the story of a multicultural civilization, linked by a common language.

It is the story of how ideas travelled in prehistory, how technology and art spread across the continent.

It is the story of a five-hundred year fight between two civilizations that came to define the world we live in today.

It is the story of a culture that changed Europe forever.

'Roberts's lightness of touch is joyous, and celebratory' Observer

'Clear-spoken and enthusiastic' Telegraph

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